You’ve decided once and for all that you’re finally going to accomplish one of your goals. It could be anything, start your business, finish your graduate degree, or get a promotion.

You’re pumped up and ready to get started! You’re thinking of how great it will be once you finish. How happy you’ll be that you stuck it out and achieved your goal. But then something happens…your focus gets zapped!

Focus zappers are everywhere and are one of the main reasons you find it hard to accomplish certain goals. They can be friends, family, peers or supervisor, or even your own brain.

Adult attention spans are short, and unless it’s a project you want to do it… it’s very hard to get and stay motivated. Zappers know this and take full advantage of the situation.

Here’s a list of some common focus zappers:

  1. Television. Do not…I repeat do not turn on the television when you’re trying to get something done. Put the remote in another room so you won’t be tempted.
  2. Phone Calls. If you’re trying to accomplish something, turn the ringer off until your project is done. It’s helpful to do this while you’re sleeping too so you can get a good night’s rest.
  3. Worrying. When you worry, it’s always about something in the past or something in the future. Avoid this by keeping your mind focused in the present and on what’s directly in front of you. If you need to take a breather to get your thoughts organized … that’s okay … just make sure you only spend a few minutes.
  4. Relationships. Some of the biggest zappers are the people in your life. Establish boundaries with your network. Let them know your goals are not optional…and that you’re not going to change your mind and go back to your old ways. If the people around you aren’t supportive, explain to them how you feel and that if they can’t support you, you can’t be around them.

Once you have the zappers taken care of, it’s time to replace them with what I like to call adders.

Leveraging the “Adders” strategy is how to stay focused.

You see adders check on you to see how you are doing and if there is any support that you need. They help you remove obstacles and cheer you on along your journey to success. And they’re the ones who’ll show you how to be the most productive you can be.

When you limit your time with the zappers and increase your time with the adders, you’re well on your way to staying focus and accomplishing your goals.

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