Starting a home based business will probably be the most exciting and rewarding thing you have ever done – it is also likely to be the biggest challenge you have ever faced. So don’t begin this incredibly daunting adventure in the dark.

Take your first steps with your eyes wide open and with a clear expectation of what lies on the entrepreneurial journey ahead.

Come to the realisation that regardless of how hard you have worked for previous employers, you will work ten times, if not one hundred times harder when it is your own business. If you are not willing to accept that, then you might as well turn around right now.

Talk to your family and let them understand your vision and values to get their backing. This is SO important, because without that support structure from those that you love and care about, the whole journey will be fruitless.

You may ask, “ why so negative?” Starting a home based business or starting an internet business is not as easy as you think. However, for those of you who are still interested in starting a home based business then this is what to expect.

Starting a home based business will change :

  • your life
  • the way you think
  • the way you work
  • the way you spend money
  • the way you communicate with people

Your entire focus becomes making your business venture succeed. If you are not willing to make this commitment early on, then don’t even consider starting a home based business. Stay doing what you are doing. Continue building someone else’s dream, someone else’s vision.

In the early days you probably won’t have a holiday as you will be watching every penny that you spend. Your relationships will become strained as you are forced to choose between spending time on your business over your family. Any free time you have will likely be with your head buried in a book learning new strategies that you can implement to push your business forward.

This is the truth about starting a home based business. One of the key characteristics of an entrepreneur is knowing and embracing obstacles when they arrive. Not all obstacles can be prepared for in advance; some just come out of the blue: your supplier lets you down, your website crashes, your big customer goes bankrupt.

starting a home based business

You can’t go to your IT department, chances are you won’t have one. You can’t get someone else to call your customer and tell them that they are not getting their orders on time – you have to face them. You can’t just shrug your shoulders and let someone else deal with the accountants.

There is no deflector shield, no corporate sloping shoulders; the buck well and truly stops at you.

Rather than taking on the whole world one issue at a time, build a network around yourself. Find a group, or community of like minded people who share your vision. Encourage, empower and motivate those around you and the results will astound you.

To succeed, you will most likely need to concentrate all your energy into the new business. You will also need the enthusiasm and innovative thinking to find solutions to the obstacles that confront you. But remember, you won’t be the first person to have to cope with anxieties or to face the obstacles involved when starting your business from home. Every successful entrepreneur has overcome many barriers and continues to do so every day with whatever new business he or she brings to market.

Whatever your reason for starting a home based business, don’t go into it with your eyes wide shut. Open them and focus on your goals with steely determination because owning your own business will require commitment, enthusiasm, motivation and a huge amount of effort on a daily basis.