Who would disagree with me when I say that, “Most companies/employers would try every possible medium to evaluate a candidate before they say ‘Aye”. From resumes, interviews, group discussions, written/oral tests, psychometric analysis and the whole lot.

It’s certainly not rocket science when I state that the patterns of candidate evaluation have changed over time in the last 4 to 5 years. What I am talking about is SMM test – the social media-marketing test, through social networks, online forums, websites, blogs, videos and more!

If a candidate’s LinkedIn profile is complete with good recommendations – makes a difference! Decent online presence without profanity and nasty comments about ex-employer makes a stronger case. If there are intellectual posts, presentations or blogs – it’s gold!

None of these things are new or unwritten before. So why do I write this post?

Because I want to talk about the other side of the story!

So all you people looking for a job or change in work situation – ever thought of how much social media could help you? Think again! While employees can be scrutinized, so can the employer, so have you done your study before accepting the offer and saying ‘Aye’?

Before or even after you have selected your dream company to work with, think about the company’s online presence…there is a ton of information there! When we talk about online presence, it could be a pretty vast topic. The things to look out would be the company’s

  • Brand image
  • Social media presence
  • Competitive advantage over its competitors and the reasons for that
  • Attitude towards its customers, employees, society, environment and all other stakeholders

Now not all of us may really know how to gauge these indicators, but trust me there a ton of mediums available now days that just weren’t there almost 6 years ago! From forums, websites, social platforms to company reports, one can get their hands on some real gold dust – for free!

When you do find that gold dust, try asking yourself these questions and see how you feel.

  • Does the company have a compelling, fun, interesting website?
  • What are its core priorities online and do its actions reflect that offline?
  • Does it have employee testimonials or videos to support its work ethic – do they seem genuine?
  • What are the online forums saying about the work environment, management team, future forecasts, work-life balance and compensation packages? Check out forums that are not influenced by paid advertising/content.
  • Does it have a Twitter or Facebook account – if so, is it engaging and helpful? Is it a boring sales pitchy account that one could easily mistake for spam?
  • What are the customer reviews about the company/product online? Customers testimonials (outside company website) are quite an interesting way to get some perspective!
  • What are the reviews on its employment and hiring process?
  • Most importantly – does the company’s VALUE SYSTEM echo yours?

Hope this helps! These are just some of the questions to get you thinking…if you can think of more, please write to me in the comments section below!