Snoop Lion, the artist formally known as Snoop Dog, is releasing his new album, “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks.” Snoop Lion has founded a Rasta style of music and has really studied Bob Marley. He combined his style with Miley Cyrus’ pop style for a duet on the album. He wanted to bring in female backing vocals to have a Marley-esque vibe, and for the duet, Cyrus seemed to really get into the music. Lion says that he’s really excited about the song, and the album as a whole. The album is being produced by Ariel Rechtshaid and Dre Skull. The one track, Reincarnated, was released on the internet Wednesday, April 3. Miley Cyrus is not the only additional person to be on the new album either. Angela Hunte does some vocals and Stewart Copeland, the drummer for the Police, does some of the percussions.

Since Miley did a song for Snoop Lion, it has been confirmed that Lion will be making an appearance on her new, upcoming album. She said she is really excited to have a song with Snoop Lion. The recording for their song on her album has finished. The song will be the first single on the album.

Miley Cyrus, who got her start on Disney Channel for “Hannah Montana” has been tweeting a lot about how excited she is about working on her music and specifically her new album. She has also been teasing collaborations with artists, one of them being, hit producer Pharrell.

Miley Cyrus says that she wants this album to be something special and she wants it to be a combination of a few of herdifferent passion projects. According to Cyrus, when she is in the studio, these projects just come to her.

Snoop Lion’s new album will be in stores on April 23, but Miley Cyrus has not announced her release date.

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