Significant versus Success

Most people equate success with financial wealth and independence but is there something more intrinsic beyond the mighty dollar? In my post “Measure of Success | Is it Dollars or Sense?” I shared what success means to me and the different levels for my personal evaluation. Every person, every entrepreneur has their own vision and measures of success.

One of my clients has recently been honored with an opportunity of great magnitude and prestige to help impact the lives of others, without financial remuneration. In discussing this extraordinary honor he said:

It’s very humbling and makes you appreciate the importance of focusing on being ‘significant vs. being successful.

I don’t think there is much of a differentiation unless you are only bound by money. When you truly think of all of the things money can’t buy, you are wealthier than you realize.

When you are able to give without expecting a return, you are rich.

When you give deeply from the heart, you are rich.

It is this wealth that teaches.

This wealth that is more significant than a coin.

After our discussion, my client shared the video Significance vs Success by Coach Tony Dungy, prior head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Indianapolis Colts.

I believe Coach Dungy’s significance clearly represented success. What an empowering feeling to realize that you influenced someone else’s life with a positive direction. It is not only gratifying but hopefully an inspiration for others to pay it forward. Touching the lives of others holds greater power than any bank roll. It keeps on giving, far exceeding any dollar value. It is real. It is human.

Significant versus Success

Make change.
Share value.
Do the unexpected.
Random Acts of Kindness #RAOK

A Personal Story:

For many months after my mom passed away from breast cancer, we continued to receive notes and letters from the organizations that she belonged to or volunteered for over the years. Many we didn’t even know about. My dad would call me to read yet another note expressing their condolences mixed with the deep appreciation they had for my mom and her altruistic participation with their organization. She was a true giver of heart and spirit. Like no other. My mom was the director for the International Center at a local college and they built a lounge for the international students, naming it after her. A true testament to her devotion and care for others.

This is being:
1. Significant
2. A success
3. Wealthy

In response to my amazing client: being significant is being a success.

A lot of people who believe they are successful because they have everything they want. They have added value to themselves. But I believe significance comes when you add value to others and you can’t have true success without significance. John C. Maxwell

What about YOU? What are your thoughts on significance versus success?