Often the cause of a mild head ache, Google Accounts and more specifically setting up new access can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Especially now that you are essentially forced into creating a new Gmail address.

So, you have created a new Google Account – Yes, add it to that long list before you forget it!

Any now you are lumped with a shiny new Gmail address – which you didn’t want.

Thanks Google – but we don’t love Gmail quite that much.

Why can’t I just use my original email address as a Google Account?

Well you can.

Here are the steps you need to take >

1 – Add an additional email address.
Goto Email Adresses. Edit.
This should be the address you wanted to make a google account originally.

2 – Delete the Gmail account! – Go to Products, Edit.


Then “Remove Gmail Permanently”.

Setting Non Gmail As Primary Address in Google Account

Now you’ll satisfyingly see your orignal non gmail email set as primary in the account.

Simples. Well no it wasn’t really. Google Accounts you’ve got to love them.

It would be simpler for Google to add a ‘set as primary’ link. Or maybe don’t force us to create a Gmail account.

Anyway hope that helps you all!