That’s the question many Fantasy Football team managers were asking leading up to this week’s Week 3-Tweet7.pnground of gridiron battles – and with “Johnny Football” and his long-awaited NFL debut, this week was destined to shake things up in the Fantasy Football world.

And it did…let’s have a quick look back:

  • Robert Griffin, Jr III “fell” into place with another injury, certainly causing some hiccups in fantasy teams across the country and leaving RGIII in limbo for the season.
  • Carolina Panthers slotted Greg Hardy into the inactive list before Sunday’s home opener.
  • A right knee injury for Ryan Matthews of the Chargers may send some fantasy team managers back to the SAP Player Comparison Tool to evaluate trade options and free agents.
  • Even seemingly small injuries can send people scrambling – that’s what fantasy team managers who have A.J. Green on their roster are dealing with. A possible broken toe sent him to the sidelines early, and now we wait to see what the next step for A.J.
  • Defenses aren’t immune to the injury wire either. For those that have the Buccaneers defense, there is going to be a tough hole to fill with Gerald McCoy’s defensive tackle position up for grabs if his hand injury turns out to be serious. Maybe a second-stringer can steal the show here?

Alright, back to second-stringers. Who are the ones you should be watching for week 3? Which ones sit on a free agent list, ready to get on the proverbial “field”? Which ones are going to steal the show if you take a chance on them?

Momentum is a powerful thing in the NFL, which is why I’m turning back to some sleepers from Week 2 (thanks ESPN) that you may want to consider for Week 3:

TE: Larry Donnell, NYG – with 11.4 yards per catch this year so far, he’s a definite first down machine.

QB: Philip Rivers, SD – coming off a strong week 2 with 284 passing yards and 3 touchdowns, Philip just might be the one to slot in for week 3.

RB: Alfred Morris, WAS – with RGIII out due to injury, the running game for the Redskins just might be where you want to place your bets. Week 3 could be a good opportunity for Alfred to open it up.

If you prefer players that like to surprise, then a height-challenged RB: Darren Sproles, PHI could be your man – at just 5’6” he delivered tall-man receiving results with a career-high 152 receiving yards on Monday night during week 2. The sky could be the limit for this guy.

WR: Dez Bryant, DAL – Apparently, his shoulder isn’t causing too much trouble as his week 2 performance showed, with 10 receptions for 103 yards and 1 TD. It may be worth the gamble as they go head-to-head against the STL Rams in Week 3.

In business, like in sports, you sometimes need to give opportunity to “second-stringers” to gain advantage over the competition. Innovation, strategy, and roll-up-your-sleeves hard work from eager colleagues can be the difference between capturing an opportunity and seeing it slip through your fingers.

As a leader, identify these second-stringers, train and develop them, and always look for opportunities to get them in the game. Good talent sitting on the bench is no talent at all – and employee analytics, and learning platforms can help you develop your starting lineup.

Here’s to second-stringers.