Businessman Working

Making your office more productive can be a challenging task, especially if it seems to be doing pretty fine already. At the same time, there are always ways in which you could see your office efficiency increase. Combining psychological, physical, and mental elements, here are three simple techniques to make your office a more efficient place and keep your employees happy.

First step – happiness

Although it might seem like a silly and very general tip, keeping your employees and colleagues happy is extremely important for their productivity. Miserable employees will very unlikely work productively: even if pushed, they will not be able to achieve the same results as when they are in a good mood. How can that healthy happiness level be maintained in the office? First of all, allow your employees to take small breaks when they need them. Our brain simply need to rest once in a while, and working on the same assignment for hours can really drain people if no breaks are taken. Even a proper lunch break can add a lot to the workers’ productivity.

Additionally, put some effort into creating a friendly, relaxed environment in the office as much as possible. A friendly environment does not automatically lead to replacing work by chatting, so organize some company lunches, celebrations, or parties. No matter what the hierarchy structure of your company is, it feels great to realize it is all one big team, disregarding the fact that the tasks of its members differ. In other words, a sense of community within the office is a catalyst for efficiency.

Keep it cool

In order to make sure the work of your employees is not inhibited by simple physical factors, check the AC. According to a number of studies, temperatures too high or too low can be so distracting that productivity in the workplace can drop by up to 20 percent. Thus, making sure the office temperature is within the accepted limits is highly important.

Apparently, under the condition that your employees are appropriately dressed, the optimal office temperature should be around 25°C. It may seem high at first, yet temperatures within the range of 21°C to 25°C seem to be optimal for your workplace. There is a tendency in countries of relatively hot climate to set the AC to seemingly unbearably low temperatures. That should be fought – not only it is bad for the environment and your finances, but also it is simply decreasing the efficiency levels of your employees.

Track your time

In addition to ensuring appropriate psychological and physical conditions of your employees, you should not forget some mental incentives. Time tracking serves as a great example here. With some free time tracking software, you will be able to find out the exact amount of time your employees spend on their tasks, and for the workers themselves it becomes more evident when time is being wasted and on what exactly. This type of software is currently being used globally in a number of companies and has been described as a highly efficient method to reduce distractions in the work place.

Ready, steady, grow!

With these tips in mind, you can now be calm knowing that you are doing your best to help your company grow and your employees to do their best. Keep your staff happy, cool, and concentrated: sounds easy? Because it is if you dedicate just a little effort to it.