Getting on a roll is “easy,” so to speak. When you encounter a PR move that brings you success, it’s often sudden and seemingly out of nowhere. You’ve tried things in the past that didn’t work, but suddenly and for whatever reason this particular idea you came up with took off. Now you’re on a roll and people love you.

key of successThe hard work comes when you need to stay on that roll. It’s like balancing on a boulder in a goofy action film – you move your feet as fast as you can, hold your arms out, and hope for the best. But is there anything you can actually do to keep your momentum going other than crossing your fingers and hanging on for dear life?

Recognizing What’s Really Working

It’s fun to know that you’re on a roll – but have you thought about WHY you’re on said roll? This might sound like the silliest philosophical question in existence, but the point remains the same. You may know that you’re on a hot streak but have never stopped to wonder what got you there in the first place. You should take the time because it could help you stay there.

For example, let’s say your Vine videos have attracted millions of followers which led to a ton of sales lately. Your “let’s just have fun” type of videos were refreshing enough that a wide variety of people were able to enjoy them and share them with friends and family.

It would be easy to think, “Hey, we should do another video series!” because you assume that’s what got your PR campaign off the ground. However, that’s not taking a close enough look.

What customers and fans actually reacted to was your attitude – the “have fun” movement you started. If you decide to do a whole new video series, it might work…but people could also think you’re just rehashing old ideas. A whole new direction with the same attitude could do much better.

Tweak and Ask

Of course it’s only always easy to understand what’s making your latest campaign tick. In fact, sometimes you just have no idea at all. While it seems obvious why your silly office dance videos are leading to sales (cause the dancing is amazing, duh) the truth is often complicated and obscure.

So one tactic you can try is to experiment within your boundaries. For instance the next time you make a dance video, include a more serious bit to it and offer a poll or lead a focus group to try and find out what about your video series attracts your fans.

Now you can start to tweak your campaign. If viewers seem to like the new direction, you can head that way. When you go too far they will let you know, but you should always take steps to make sure you’re not headed in the wrong direction. Simply asking your customers again what they like and don’t like is never a bad idea. They are often willing to talk, especially if it concerns them directly!

What’s the best “roll” your business has ever been on?