Rock your look and ignite your confidence during your presentationFeeling nervous about an upcoming presentation or speaking engagement? You might be encouraged to know that some of the confidence you feel while on-stage will depend on how you’re dressed. The Journal of Experimental Psychology explored this theory last year and found that people wearing white lab coats performed better on their work tasks because they had a preconceived idea that the symbolic clothing was important and related to attentiveness.

Win over the crowd with these confidence-enhancing tips next time you’re in the spotlight.

Work the crowd and your setting

With many of today’s top CEOs sporting khakis and sneakers, the fashion barometer in work-related situations can be challenging to gauge. Dress to convey your professional role while considering the situation in which you’ll be interacting. For instance, if you’re positioned to speak at a conference taking place outdoors on a warm summer day, consider a tailored, yet lightweight pant suit. When you’re shopping at Macy’s, look for seasonal scarves, brooches, ties and accessories that will enhance your personal style while instilling confidence as you work the crowd.

Choose the best colors for your role

Would you expect the CEO to wear a yellow suit? Not likely. On the same token, a receptionist may seem unapproachable if wearing a sharp, black suit. The message your clothing color conveys can be even more powerful than the actual garment you don depending on your role. In a University of Rochester led study surveying perceptions of men in certain colors, red signaled power and success to participants. The color red is associated with confidence and status, making it ideal to attract the attention of a crowd you want to influence. Want to take out the guesswork? Try The Pose mobile app. This handy app allows you to input information about your personality and environment to help determine which outfits will evoke the desired response on your crowd’s face every time.

Feel good wearing it

Shoot for a natural look when picking out your outfit, and don’t fall prey to buying something simply to convey a persona. Remember, your audience will be expecting to see the real you. Trying too hard might make you appear unnatural and uncomfortable, so choose clothes that allow your personality to shine, and make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your choice.

Pay attention to other successful people

Want some confidence-boosting inspiration? Watch videos and presentations of successful people you admire, and notice their outfit selections. Notice how their clothing changes based on their venue and audience. You can also get the fashion advice of experts in the field by using the Walk In My Closet app. With this mobile app you’ll get advice from like-minded users in your field.

What outfit helps you feel dressed and prepared for speaking success? Tell me in the comments below.

Today’s guest post is from Brian Park. Brian is a sports enthusiast, wine aficionado, foodie, fashion designer, and real estate agent. He writes about every one of these topics… with gusto.