Weekends might seem like precious respite away from the office, but new trends show that your clients are more likely to call you on a weekend. The day of rest is now the day of dialling, so how do you cope with the new influx of Sunday calling?

AlldayPA has recently discovered that over the past 2 years the volume of calls on a Sunday has increased more than any other day of the week. Calls made during the middle of the week declined, with Wednesday seeing the biggest decrease.

Your customers don’t have time to be making enquiries and complaints during the week and demand for weekend customer service calls has never been higher.

What began with Sunday trading on the British high street, has had a knock-on effect on other industries. Making enquires and complaints to companies on the weekend has become the norm. Plenty of big businesses now operate their own call centres to answer calls on the weekend, although many SMEs do not have this luxury.

Running your own business, you’ll probably find yourself burning the candle at both ends. It’s understandable to want the weekends to yourself. However, when it comes to customer relations you should be tailoring your service to meet your clients’ needs.

If you’re reluctant to open phone lines on a Sunday, what are your options?

Late calls during the week

Your clients are likely to work a 9-5 schedule (if they’re lucky!) If you operate a late service for phone calls during the week, they’ll have a chance to contact you after work. By using this method you’ll still be able to enjoy time away from the office whilst adapting to the demands of your clients.


Outsourcing can be an efficient and cost-effective way of screening calls for your business. By employing professional B2B teleoperators you’ll ensure that you uphold a polished commercial image. You’ll be able to relax over the weekend knowing your calls are being handled by experts. Handling calls in this way can also free up time in the office. Instead of answering calls and chasing voicemails, you’re free to focus on more important tasks.


Make sure you keep your clients updated through the week. Schedule times to chat with them and make sure you’re doing all you can for them. It always helps to resolve an issue with a client before they have to take it upon themselves to complain. The fact that bad reviews spread like wildfire on social media makes this even more important.

By being proactive and checking in with them, they will be more understanding if any problems arise. Using this method is a great way of building rapport with clients as they see that you care about their needs.