Being Ready for Next Big ClientWhat if Wal-Mart found you online and decided they liked everything your company stood for and wanted to start conducting business with you. Would you be ready to meet their needs or not? Big companies can be very demanding and may ask for products/services that you may still be researching or developing. Are you finding ways to reach these types of clients.

What if John Smith finds your company online and wants to open an account or start doing business with your company? Would you be ready? Is your client service staff personable and willing to work one-on-one with people to gain their business.

The point is that today people/company decision maker’s can do their homework and may come calling at anytime. Are you open to accepting new clients? Each day, the company I work for receives these type of inquiries. It could be a consumer needing a one time service or a major company wanting to lock in rates for a longer time period. The point is I need to be ready to meet our clients’ needs and make sure we are always open to these type of requests.

This is the excitement of being in business. From my experience I have been able to meet and serve clients of all types and industries. Being ready is a constant planning and tuning process. For me, It starts with understanding the client’s needs and making sure a structure is in place to not only meet their needs, but exceed their expectations.

One of the best ways I have been able to approach this process is to “listen” and follow companies on Linkedin and Twitter. Following companies on Linkedin is as easy as searching them out and following their activities. On Twitter, I like to follow the representatives from different companies, because it is more about learning more about the decision makers associated with these companies.

Finally, I really like company blog sites. I use Google Alerts to follow specific companies or industries and inevitably I will come across an article or two that highlights specific key information about these companies.

Are you retuning your infrastructure to be ready for that next “new” client, big or small?

Are you listening to your current clients, (big and small) and looking at ways to exceed their expectations?

Every company segments their customer base into certain categories. I simply used two categories: (big, small) to prove a point in this post, but the truth is your client base may be much more complex. The trick is to meet the needs of these client types and continue to move your company forward to make sure you can retain clients and acquire clients by being ready for that next opportunity.

Good luck with your 2014 planning.

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