Not everything you do will turn out the way you want it to turn out.

Sometimes you will be in the middle of business deals where you completely fail — you lose your money and time and walk away with egg on your face feeling a little bit stupid.

Those are the easy fails. Because it’s all about you. You just hurt yourself.

Where things get a little more sticky is when your failure impacts those around you. When your mistake get someone else in trouble or create a problem that neither you nor them have the time to fix right now.

Of course you didn’t want to fail. You were not trying to fail. You were not hoping to fail. You put your best effort and smartest ideas on the line — and it didn’t work out.

For whatever reason, this time your best wasn’t good enough. You were not trying to scam someone or manipulate someone — or anything else that is evil.

You just failed. Which means its going to be hard to apologize.

It’s hard to say “I am sorry” when you weren’t trying to hurt someone and got hurt yourself in the process.

Everything inside you is screaming out in your defense. You want to explain what “really happened” and offer excuses and gain sympathy from those who will listen. And while that’s the right thing to feel, its not the right thing to do.

No matter how good your intentions were when you hurt someone, an apology is best served immediately and without qualification.

Sometimes the right thing to do is just start over. Start over with a sincere apology.

You already feel bad. They feel bad too.Do the right thing at the right time. Life has a way of rewarding that.

The only thing that can make everyone feel worse is for you to eat your humble pie cold by avoiding a quick and sincere apology.