If you were to define the core of what marketing agencies do, it’d be more or less solving marketing challenges for businesses. Businesses that need new ideas. New places to take their products or services. New ways of expressing themselves.

The Power of Persistent Questioning in Sparking Creativity

And if you were to define the core of how those solutions are discovered—it’d be to stay curious and question everything. But this isn’t something limited to one industry. Anyone can ask questions. The trick is to remain curious long enough to see where they’ll lead.

Ask “Why?”

Curiosity is about always asking “why?, then doing it again. And again. And then never getting bored with it.

It’s countless hours of digging so deep into something—from a brand, a product, a service or an idea—that you uncover something bigger than you may have previously expected. A true innovation. A breakthrough.

It’s a process. Something that takes time and patience. And something that asks you, “How far are you willing to chase a problem?”

Think like a child

Treat problem solving like a game.

Think like a child. Because before they start to grow up, children are uninhibited. They are unafraid of failure, of losing, of risk. They aren’t restricted by regulations. Or tied to the way things have always been done because that’s what gets us the right numbers every quarter.

They don’t have jobs. They’re just curious. And as many parents know all too well, children never, ever stop asking why. Because to them, it’s even fun.

Creativity comes from persistence

Imagine if we all started thinking more like children—with their incessant (and almost annoying) drive to figure things out. And then to be creative and experiment with what we’ve learned.

The truth is most of the greatest achievements and innovations weren’t the result of the epiphanies of geniuses.

According to Peter Sims, author of Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries, “The type of creativity that is more interesting…and that is far more common is…to gradually build up to breakthroughs.” And it’s the type of creativity and problem solving that’s led to the success of comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock, inventors like Thomas Edison, business leaders like Jeff Bezos and creatives like the Pixar team. They all worked at it.

Few people are prodigies. For most, creating solutions and unraveling breakthroughs takes a great deal of persistence. But it’s attainable. If you invest in curiosity—and constantly question everything about your brand, company, products and services—where will it lead you? You may just find out how valuable a simple question—or a hundred—can be.