Own your own platformGoogle is changing things up. GooglePlus needs to be connected to YouTube which needs to be connected to Google Places. If you have two gmail accounts, you might want to think about getting down to one. Google does not like duplicate content and wants to make sure a “named person” is tied to an email account. If one of these areas is broke, so goes your Google Ranking on Search. Believe me, I know. I liked to separate business and personal, but not anymore. In fact, Google wants to tie you to your work too.

Facebook wants you to buy advertising. If your company posts are getting about 20 – 50 views a day, you are doing very well. Forget about your message being seen by millions of viewers unless you want to associate your name with any person on Facebook. Not a good strategy.

Twitter is trying to get you to buy advertising or post more and get retweeted more so your tweets stand out. Trouble is, even if you worked at it for 8 hours a day, you still might not build up enough juice on Twitter to get noticed.

My advice – Go back to your own property, (website, blog site) and build up your content there and add some cool graphics or videos. Tell people about your property on social media and redirect people back to your site. From here, get them to connect with you via phone, email, online comment.

You can only control what you build and own. If Facebook, Twitter or GooglePlus went away tomorrow, would you still have content to work with or would you have to start over from scratch. I see too many people abandoning their websites for a chance to possibly make it big on one of these platforms. This is a very risky position to be in. Spend more time on your own sites and let the social media platforms fight it out for the best user experience.

photo credit: Gene Wilburn via photopin cc