Paula Deen is back in action

After celebrity chef, Paula Deen, was kicked to the curb by the Food Network due to her confession of using racial slurs in her past, she has made an announcement that she’ll be doing her own subscription-based Internet channel for her show. The Paula Deen Network is set to launch in September, so if anyone was missing their crazy fun, butter loving Southern chef, they won’t have to wait much longer.

“I am working around the clock creating new healthy and quick recipes, shows, and content,” she tells USA Today. She also told the Wall Street Journal that she declined television offers because the digital channel would let her control her own intellectual property.

Deen says the channel will feature her family and friends, including her two sons and fellow celebrity chefs Bobby and Jamie Deen, who have their own shows on the Cooking Channel and the Food Network, respectively.

Deen’s career crumbled last year following the release of the deposition (from a racial and sexual discrimination lawsuit filed by a manager at one of her restaurants, later settled) revealed that she had used the N-word. In addition to the loss of her Food Network contract, many of her corporate partners dropped her for fear of being affiliated with her negativity. But earlier this year, she paired up with a private investment firm to launch her comeback, which includes a new restaurant, a live tour, and now the digital tour as well.

To get a better idea of what the Paula Deen Network will actually be like, check out this promo below:

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