There’s no good excuse to be wasteful with your time or inefficient with how you work.

There’s no glory in working harder than you need to work just to prove a point about how tough you are.(That’s just silly.)

But being effective and efficient are moving targets. No one thing solves all your problems all the time — or any of the time, sometimes.

On thing is certain — what used to work no longer works as well is it used to.

With that realization comes a long list of strategies and tactics that you’re told will work better than what you used to be doing — or are doing now.

Tactics like cold calling are labeled outdated. Strategies like door-to-door selling are decried as a waste of your time. Working physically together with your team instead of virtually is seen as outdated and unnecessary.

You’re told that you will need a website and multiple social media profiles in order to work smarter and reach a bigger audience.

Frankly, you’re told a lot of things. And there is truth in a lot of what you hear.

Using better tools can make you more efficient and drive more revenue growth in a shorter period of time.

But they’re not magic. New tactics only work because you put massive amounts of effort and focus behind making them work.

New strategies only work because you fight desperately for the results you want.

Resiliency and determination are the secret to achieving efficiency — and effectiveness.

Outdated and business strategy still work because you make them work.

The same applies to new strategies and tactics.

What works is what you make work.

There will always be an idea that is better.  There will always be a process that is faster. There will always be a cheaper way to do what you’re doing now.

But faster or better or cheaper doesn’t replace determination, focus, or blood, sweat and tears.

If you want it to work, make it work by working hard.

Anything works then.