Dig­i­tal mar­keters can’t oper­ate in iso­la­tion. To be effec­tive, they need the input of actu­ar­ies, data ana­lysts, mer­chan­diz­ers, part­ners, and cre­ative teams. They may require data from exter­nal enti­ties such as banks or other busi­ness part­ners to inject into their own mod­els and enable bet­ter pre­dic­tive deci­sions. Inte­grat­ing a tar­get­ing plat­form with other sys­tems such as ana­lyt­ics and cus­tomer rela­tion­ship man­age­ment (CRM) appli­ca­tions can also help mar­keters know their site vis­i­tors bet­ter and increase revenue.

The risk of oper­at­ing in iso­la­tion is that mar­keters’ good inten­tions can be foiled by cir­cum­stances beyond their con­trol. With­out integration—with other groups or with systems—digital marketers can make potentially costly mis­takes and lose oppor­tu­ni­ties. For exam­ple, if ana­lysts deter­mined that a prod­uct cam­paign is los­ing money for the com­pany, mar­keters need to know imme­di­ately so they can pull related ban­ner con­tent from rota­tion. Or, with regard to sys­tems, some­thing like inven­tory infor­ma­tion is essen­tial to con­sider; if a prod­uct is out of stock, rec­om­mend­ing it to users is likely a los­ing propo­si­tion for con­sumers and the com­pany as well.

To enable truly suc­cess­ful tar­get­ing, marketers need to select data from mul­ti­ple sources to feed into a cen­tral­ized sys­tem and influ­ence all con­tent pre­sented. Mar­keters will ben­e­fit most from using a tar­get­ing sys­tem that is open, mean­ing that it allows other stake­hold­ers and exter­nal enti­ties to “plug in” as needed so that deci­sions can be made using dif­fer­ent data sources and vari­ables. Look for a tar­get­ing solu­tion that offers many options and appli­ca­tion pro­gram­ming inter­faces (APIs) for import­ing and export­ing data.

For instance, many organizations are enriching user profiles, serving more targeted content, and determining the most logical “next step” for any given customer by passing data from analytics to targeting technologies. The impor­tant take­away is to be sure to con­sider the power of inte­grat­ing a test­ing and tar­get­ing solu­tion with other sys­tems and groups. Because like the say­ing “no man is an island,” tar­get­ing works in much the same way, grow­ing in value the more it touches other teams and systems.