Do you enjoy your work?  Do you look at each day as a new opportunity or is your schedule loaded with meetings and administrative tasks.

For 2012, I offer you one suggestion that I recently heard that I think could really make a difference for you.

At this time of year it is very popular to set goals, both personally and professionally. Goal setting is a great process because it helps you stay focused on achievable tasks that you can track and measure.

Here is a simple suggestion that Susan Koenig -Executive Coach offered to me.

CREATE YOUR “STOP” DOING LIST!!! –  Make room in your life for the things that matter most!

Make this a part of your goal setting list.  Each year some of us including myself continue to add items to an already packed schedule.

There are a number of things to look at with respect to this  important step in goal setting.

  • Delegate – Look and see if there are some work items you could delegate to another person in your department. Look for opportunities for others to get involved.
  • Evaluate your role as a board member– Attend the group as a regular attendee or stop going for a time to see if it frees up time to do something else.
  • Home Life – Analyze your personal involvement. Are you spending enough time with your family or are some activities at home taking you away from your family time. (Fantasy Football)
  • Meetings – Some places I worked had meeting rooms scheduled out for 2 years in advance. Are you meeting just to meet? Evaluate the effectiveness of meetings
  • Project Responsibility – Is it time to stop a project that is not working out? Is it time to give up current project responsibility? Is it time to start a new project?

These are just a few areas to look at. I really like this step and I am going to make a conscious effort to look at this area both personally and professionally. I think it will really pay dividends in 2012.

Picture via lululemon athletica