Imagination of children

Did you doodle at school as a kid? Did you play make-believe games with your friends that took you to other worlds real and imagined? Did you have an invisible friend?

Our minds are so free as kids. We imagine anything and everything. Our creativity knows no limits and our imagination is boundless.

When do we lose that? When does our creativity go into hiding, and we settle for the ordinary and the mundane?

Some people never lose it. Some people keep the imaginative strength of children into their adult lives. You see it around you every day.

Who would have thought you could run a car on electricity? Or hear music on the go? Or watch 3-D landscapes in a 2-D setting?

Your creativity is still inside you. You never lose it. If you look closely enough, you’ll see it there underneath the surface, just waiting for you to renew your acquaintance.

Go find it. Rediscover the creative part you haven’t used since childhood. It can be used anywhere. Your personal life. That board meeting. That business plan. That marketing idea. That blog post. That kitchen recipe. Anywhere.

Your imagination and creativity are powerful tools. They can separate you from the crowd. The possibilities they offer, in life and in business, are endless – the only barrier is you.

When was the last time you used yours? Really used it?

image: Garry – Vision and Imagination