New Jersey Bridge Scandal and Email Archiving: The Impact

Recently, in national news, a scandal erupted in New Jersey. The issue involves lane closings at the George Washington Bridge which resulted in horrendous gridlock which lasted for four days this previous September. This issue has drawn a great deal of negative attention to the Governor, Chris Christie, and his administration.

The Problem

A NJ legislative committee has been investigating the traffic issue on the George Washington Bridge, trying to determine the cause and what made it so severe. The governor’s administration has released many documents relating to this situation. Additionally, the records show that there may have been a political motivation for his actions in regards to the lane closings which resulted in the gridlock.

Documentation and Email Archiving

According to reports many documents have been released which reveal key details about this situation. The proof and information provided in these documents shows once again the importance of email archiving and how crucial it can be. This New Jersey bridge scandal and email archiving would be playing out far different if these documents were not available.

Email archiving and other forms of archiving can protect information that can prove or disprove claims and give substantial information that could otherwise be lost.

For example, in regards to the George Washington Bridge lane closings, Christie initially claimed that his staff was not involved in the lane closings. However, among the information recently released through emails and texts, there is proof that this is not the case. The archived emails gives cause for many to believe that the traffic jams were caused intentionally to get back at Mayor Mark Stepien.

The Consequences

Governor Chris Christie has given the public many reasons to distrust him and what he says. He has fired some of his workers in attempts to cover up the situation. Email archiving has proven to the public and the legislative committee that there was more to the lane closings than met the eye. It remains to be seen how this situation will end.

Why Email Archiving Is Crucial

This is one recent example that demonstrates how useful email archiving can be. Having a record of documentation and proof is always a good thing. Also, email archiving can preserve important information and data.