Sunday night, 24 year old Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America becoming the first woman of Indian heritage to win the pageant. She was the representative from New York which makes her the second consecutive winner from that state succeeding Mallory Hagan, from Miss America 2013. Unfortunately, this victory did not go without some challenges.

After Davuluri was announced the winner, Twitter had an overwhelming amount of people angry that she had won because of her heritage. Many were outraged that she was crowned and made racist remarks. Some linked her to “terrorism” or “convenience stores” as well as many other things. Other, less outspoken tweeters stated that they thought that the pageant should have chosen someone “more American”.

When asked about the reactions on social media such as twitter at the news conference just moments after being crowned, Davuluri stayed very positive stating, “I have to rise above that. I always viewed myself as first and foremost American.”

Davuluri is proud and honored to have been chosen and is happy that the long-running pageant is embracing diversity and isn’t prejudice against different kinds of beauty and talent. In fact, she is the second Asian-American to win the pageant. Angela Perez-Baraquio of Filipino decent was the winner in 2001.

The new Miss America is from Syracuse, New York and dream of applying to medical school and becoming a doctor. She is one step closer with the $50,000 scholarship that was won in addition to the pageant title.

She was just crowned Sunday and had already planned to visit Seaside Park at Seaside Heights where the boardwalk fire had occurred, but pageant officials cancelled the trip and promised to have a visit at a later time that was more suitable. Instead she went to New York City to experience the city for a few days.