client-retentionYou know what stinks? Being on the receiving end of “the thrill of the chase.” There is nothing worse than someone being interested in you until they finally catch you; then they tire of you and move on to the next shiny object. (Okay, to be fair, taxes are pretty awful, too.)

However, these feelings of “Am I not enough?” aren’t exclusively reserved for members of the Lonely Hearts Club; your clients don’t like being put on the backburner either when you’re off pursuing new opportunities.

As a business owner, you need to strike a balance between bringing in new clients while also retaining the business you already have. Because, let’s face it – a revolving door of clients is not a sound or sustainable growth plan for any organization. The key is to make client retention an equitable part of your marketing strategy and pay just as much (if not more!) attention to your exisitng clients as you do to your prospects.

Marketing Opportunities for Current Customers

Depending on your line of services or the product you are selling, the amount of interaction you have with a new customer beyond a closed deal or signed contract will vary. That said, no matter your business, delighting your clients should be a focus of your marketing.

But how do you do it?

  • Continue to Share Knowledge and Insight
    The great thing about content and inbound marketing is that it’s not just for attracting new clients. Creating educational content for current clients is a great way to demonstrate your continued value beyond the dotted line. Consider providing targeted analysis to your buyer personas on recent events in your industry, spotlighting facts about your products or services that clients may not have noticed, or even just sharing actionable tips for everyday use.
  • Invite Clients to Share Their Stories
    If you have a blog, produce podcasts or host in-person events, invite your clients to take part or contribute so they can share their expertise with others. These opportunities are not only a wonderful way to engage and nurture your current client relationships, they also provide an opportunity for your clients to market themselves, as well.
  • Support Your Customers
    Even with the best intentions, sometimes things break or go wrong. So while you will need to choose a support solution that works best for your organization, remember that many customers will turn to the very public platform of social media when they need help. And once they are there, almost half of those individuals will expect a response time of 60 minutes or less. Make having a social media strategy a priority, including a plan for those support-oriented engagements.
  • Celebrate Milestones
    Maybe you’re crossing the one-year mark with a client or one of your contacts is about to have a birthday – no matter the occasion, it’s important to recognize important milestones and celebrate with them. You can keep it simple with an email or think outside the box with a small gift or token; either way, it’ll be the thought that counts.

Final Thought

There is no limit to the number of ways you can focus on client retention through your marketing efforts, but the most successful businesses know that sometimes the best strategy is to just ask. We live in a world of inboxes crowded with impersonal marketing emails and mailboxes bursting with bills, mailers, flyers and form letters.

Stand out from the crowd – pick up the phone or send a personal email and say, “Hey, how are things going? Is there anything we can be doing better?”