Make Your Holiday Giving Count

Many organizations give gifts to their employees, partners, and/or clients at this time of the year. It’s common to give food baskets, or alcohol, or other generic types gifts to let these important people know you care.

But, do these people really NEED the gifts you give them? Maybe your employees really NEED that holiday turkey or other token of your appreciation. But, for others, your holiday giving simply adds to the over abundance of the holiday season.

Instead, think about all the good you might do with that money. Making a donation to your favorite charity in the name of your holiday recipients is one way to make your holiday giving count. But, think how much more special your gift is when you allow your recipients to choose their own favorite charity to receive much-needed funds.

Making your holiday giving count

That’s where JustGive helps. You simply buy gift cards and mail them via email or snail mail to all the folks on your list. Recipients go online and choose from one of the over 1 million charities listed on the company’s website. And, gift cards are for any amount, starting at only $10.

Make Your Holiday Giving CountIf your recipient doesn’t know WHO should receive money from their gift card, the JustGive website offers a searchable database of over 1.8 million charities and gives recipients the option of searching for only local charities.

What a great way to make sure your holiday giving counts!

Other ways to make your giving count

Gift cards are available throughout the year. I first learned of them when I received one from a firm thanking me for doing a presentation at their conference.

I was thrilled with the opportunity to support my favorite charity — Rotary Foundation, which is instrumental in supporting needs worldwide. Rotary Foundation provides grants to build schools, dig wells to provide safe drinking water, helps orphanages, and builds transportation for kids to go to school or other educational activities. Rotary Foundation was instrumental in the nearly complete goal of eradicating Polio.

You can give gift cards for birthdays, anniversaries, in memory of departed loved ones … As a Jew, they’re particularly appropriate to give a Bar/Bat Mitzva, as most celebrants are required to do a public service project as part of the process.

Make a pledge to make your holiday giving count

So, I’m asking each of my loyal readers who own organizations to consider using these charitable gift cards instead of other types of holiday gifts. Trust me, they mean more to the recipient than if you’d given them any other token of your appreciation.