Stop Wasting Time Reading 2016 Predictions

This time of year, I look at all the predictions for 2016 with respect to digital marketing. Not sure why I fall for this trap each year but I do. This year I am finding way too many articles that are talking about the same topics, (social media, content marketing, engagement, Twitter, Facebook) as if the year was 2013, 2014 and 2015.

This Year I Decided to Look Closer at Breakthrough Companies

Many companies do not mess with social media like Apple or look at content differently like Amazon. In addition, some companies like Target are learning from past mistakes and are finding much more success with different marketing initiatives.

Time to Look at Marketing From a New Perspective

It is time to look at marketing from a whole new view point…

…time to look at how we can get noticed faster and lead people to more action.

…time to capture people’s attention and provide them with a better experience

…time to stop wasting people’s time and give them what they want.

…time to stop writing more content and give people more insight.

In 2016, all companies need to look at why some companies are so much more successful than others.


Go to and instantly see why people are driven to access the site and continue on it.

  1. Right at the top, middle of the screen is a “HUGE” Search box. No contact us information. Give people the power to search your site and find the information they are looking for right away.
  2. Provide people with information that is trending. The home page is updated frequently and people remember what they see because it is simple, in your face information with images and links for you to quickly jump on what is trending.
  3. Menus are simple with bolded titles for those items which Amazon wants people to look at more closely, like Prime Membership.
  4. Make the experience so great that people will always log-in right away or stay logged in. Creating a way for people to log-on and access information keeps people on your site longer.
  5. Provide content specific to a product with description, price, reviews, etc.


Have you been in a QuikTrip Convenience Store? Customer service is always done with a greeting and a willingness to serve.

  1. QuickTrip reinvents itself every year with a new store theme or product offering.
  2. Every time you walk in, the person at the checkout always says hi.
  3. Anytime the store traffic backs up, another person is called on to checkout. Each store is staffed to meet demands.
  4. Floors, shelves, drinks and product are continually cleaned and stocked.
  5. I have yet to see a dirty QuikTrip store. I can always trust the products offered are clean and have not been sitting on the shelf for long.

Create a Better Client Experience

  1. Focus on cleaning up processes to assist your clients have a much better experience online by themselves and interacting with client services/sales personnel.
  2. Write blogs that lead people to take more action.
  3. Create better communication internally between executives, managers and personnel. The lines of command are coming together more and more.
  4. Develop a Way for Clients to Interact more with Your Website. – People want to be a part of a great company. Give clients a way to view their transactions, access other product/service offerings, leave messages for specific people and provide report information.
  5. Start asking more questions about how your company can make more of a difference for your clients. People like to feel a part of another company.

In the end, it really comes down to taking action. Make a list of some ideas and see where they fit with respect to making a difference in the lives of your clients as well as the people in your business.

Picture Source: GraphicStock