Leaving the Right Kind of Message in Voice MailWith answering machines being placed in most homes and businesses today, telemarketers should learn to leave the right kind of message in order to get the right kind of response.

There are those telemarketers that would leave messages on your answering machine that may sound like this:

“Good day, my name is —- and I work for a company that provides —- If you are interested please call us back at around 9:00am tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you.”

Doesn’t that sound irritating? This is because these types of telemarketers only focus on one thing, and that is to make the sale. These kind of telephone representatives would not feel for their customer that even the closing spiel sounds uncomfortable. Yet there are those telephone marketing representatives that would sound like this:

“Good day John, my name is —- how are you today? We have found your contact information from a recent survey that you took in one of our affiliate websites in which we are very thankful for filling up all those information. We would like to hear more about your interests as we might just have the answer to your needs and that would be our new product called —- You may call us at anytime that you want for we are open 24 hours a day within 7 days a week. Thank you for your time and patience.”

This is a much better message to leave in an answering machine as this time, the phone representative gives the client the freedom to choose when to call back. Also, it is in a much more friendlier and more non-intrusive tone. With the right kind of tone and speech, the company can make sure that the prospect client will call back as they would think that if the phone representatives are that friendly then the company can be trusted as well.

This content originally posted at The Business Leads Blog