Most entrepreneurs are bitten by the “entrepreneur bug” with hopes of making millions of dollars. Then… they find out that to get started they’ll need start-up capital, branding & marketing, hire a staff, create a website, develop products, start social media accounts, and the list goes on…

This realization causes entrepreneurs to split into two groups.

The first group will be the larger of the two groups. This larger group of entrepreneurs will choose the path of least resistance. They will farm out every facet of their business that is too detailed, too boring, or too complicated. Then they will keep the fun creative stuff because after all it’s their business and they deserve to pursue their passion daily.

The second and much smaller group of entrepreneurs will take the time needed for a start-up business. They will embark upon the road less traveled. To learn and understand the functionality of every job within their organization, initially they will send every email, attend every meeting and build their business from the ground up.

With both roads chosen one of the groups will have years of profits and success and the other group will fail within the first year.

So what has caused one business to fail and the other to succeed?

Let’s review the roads taken by the first group “The Lazy Entrepreneur” wants muscles without sweating or working out. They’re like Burger King they want it their way, which leads to an unstable foundation and creating a business that will crumble at the first sign of adversity. When you hire outside sources to perform all the tasks of your business and you don’t follow up with them, you leave the future of your organization in the hands of someone that is simply “doing their job.”

You see what happens most often is that lazy entrepreneur see millionaires and billionaires and they think “I want what they have” but they have no idea what it took to get to the millionaire mark. So they jump in with no knowledge, they don’t do the research, won’t don’t hire “A” players, and then when it’s all gone down hill they sit and wonder “where did I go wrong?”

The truth is it’s very challenging to start, run and make your business profitable. However, the struggles early on are well worth the rewards in the end. You wouldn’t just hand a new born baby over to some random person at a bus stop so, don’t trust your vision and passion to a group of people who could care less about your baby.

Entrepreneurs have two options, follow group one and we’ll see you back here in a year or start now by getting off the path of least resistance and join us on the road less traveled by CLICKING HERE.