You Know Your Business Needs an Extreme Culture Makeover When...

I was talking to a friend recently, helping her out with the first bit of a Facebook presence for her company. She’s been trying for years, but meeting with resistance from on high. Now she has permission to create the page, but only with a lot of stipulations and restrictions. The page is only for a small division of the overall business, and it has to have moderated comments. They don’t want any surprises.

If I told you what type of business this is, you might actually laugh that they would fear any sort of negative comments.

But, they do.

I thought we were past this with most businesses, but apparently not. This was all too common when I first started working with businesses a few years ago, but I don’t hear these sorts of objections as much as I used to. But now when I hear this fear of social, I sense something different. I think that the attitude a business (read: executive) holds toward social media is generally an indicator of something much deeper and more damaging.

There is something wrong with their internal business culture.

You know you need an extreme culture makeover when:

  • You feel you have the need, and right, to ask employees and prospective employees for their Facebook passwords.
  • You don’t let your employees use social media because you “don’t trust them.”
  • You’re afraid that people might say bad things about you on your Facebook wall.
  • You fear people saying nasty things to you on Twitter, after all, others might see it.
  • You give in begrudgingly, but you expect to see results overnight…or else.
  • You push, push, push your messages on social as if it were the same as traditional media.
  • You think that having a website is more of a luxury than a necessity.

Oh, there are plenty of others that deal with misguided expectations, fear of expense, time lost, and the like. The list goes on.

Often there are internal culture problems that go unnoticed because you’ve lived with them for years; decades, even.

Introduce something new into the mix, i.e., social media, and those culture issues rise to the top. And when they rise to the top, you better deal with them.

How do the executives and other higher ups in your business or organization react when the topic of social media is mentioned? Does your internal business culture need an extreme makeover?