High costs and IT budget constraints are forcing businesses to look for alternatives to their costly and out-dated systems. Vital processes become time consuming and over complicated with many users failing to notice important pieces of information due to a lack of overall business transparency.

The horrors of working with disparate systems can lead to huge errors and duplication within your data. Many will experience major speed and performance issues with their system as it is no longer fit for purpose. Growing your business requires time, dedication and effort but it doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle.

As expected when your business grows so do your users and transactions. The increased volume of invoicing and ordering can lead to performance issues within the system. Reporting has to be carried out in Excel which can often be very time consuming and prone to errors. Managers often start to experience problems with managing their projects as visibility becomes harder the more the work increases.

Businesses are always looking to increase their operational visibility in order to ensure that processes are running at maximum efficiency. A system is needed that can expand and grow with your business and which offers more flexibility. By automating some of their more time consuming and manual processes users are able to free up more of their time in order to focus on more important tasks.

Ecommerce is a top priority of 2014 and as such businesses are looking to stay ahead of the competition and boost their online presence. Having a system that can integrate your web store and accounting system can save users valuable time as it automates the data transfers, eliminating the manual process of updating your website with stock information.

Being online helps to increase market presence which could in turn lead to international dealings. With a more traditional ERP model the ability to expand into foreign markets would not be possible but with a more up to date system users are able to process foreign transactions and increase profitability.

Many are looking to the cloud as a way to help grow their business as cloud technologies offer businesses some of the capabilities that have previously only been viewed as consumer not business capabilities. Cloud solutions are scalable and therefore grow with the business. Users are able to have complete visibility into projects allowing them to easily assign tasks and ensure that projects are kept within budget and completed on time.

As a growing business it can be daunting in trying to figure out the next steps in your bid for market domination however by having a clear plan and enlisting the right tools businesses no longer have to suffer the pains of outgrowing their systems!

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