How To Keep Your Star Appointment Setters From Quitting

While we all know that B2B appointment setting can be a very profitable job, the level of stress can be pretty high. So do not be surprised if the turnover rate for people given this job is also high. Still, you should try your best to keep your employees working for you.

Yes, you can get replacement, but you have to admit that training new people responsible for finding, generating, and nurturing sales leads can be a costly and time-consuming affair. The effort of hiring new people is also impractical in today’s highly competitive business environment. In this case, how will you keep the ones you already have? Here is how you do it:

    1. Skills improvements – B2B lead generation can be a boring and routine work, one that seems not to have much in terms of rewards. While you may offer them additional monetary perks, another more effective means for you is to give them opportunities to improve their skills. Besides, you really have to help them improve, if you want them to stay competitive in the market.
    2. Communicate more – this is especially true when conducting telemarketing campaigns, where the need for constant discussion between you and your marketers is necessary. You have to ensure that the information they share, as well as the policies they need to follow, are properly relayed to. And if there are changes that needed done, you also have to tell them immediately. Also, your marketers would feel more appreciated when they know they can easily get in touch with you. It is a simple, but greatly appreciated, practice for your employees.
    3. Give opportunities to advance – when people are asked why they leave their jobs after so long, there will be those saying that they left because ‘they have no opportunity’ to advance. As the business manager or owner, it is your job to let them know that they have a future with you. Give them opportunities to advance, or let them know that they can be in a better position in the future. If your people are that good enough, then it would really be a waste if they leave.
    4. Use a better management style – another reason why appointment setters leave can also be blamed to the management style that you have. You might be too strict, or maybe too lenient that they do not see any reason to listen to you. When that happens, your marketing efforts will be much harder to organize, let alone manage.
    5. Help them achieve a work-life balance – no matter what you do, there will always be a part of your employees’ lives that still enters the workplace. It is how you manage them all and help them deal with their personal issue that makes all the difference in their still staying with you. If you can provide them the opportunities to stay in your company, and still be able to help them live their private lives, can be a great help for them.

It is not that hard to keep your appointment setting team to stay. You just have to know how to do it.

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