At SalesLoft we just built a new, free tool for anyone to use who is on LinkedIn at

One of the biggest requests we receive from sales reps is the need for more, qualified information quicker. We’ve been coding away at a side project outside of SalesLoft and now it’s ready for the B2B marketing world.

The importance of knowing when someone in your network makes a job change is critical to sales reps. If one of your customers transitions to another company, you want to know about it quickly. At, we provide this information for free to anyone on LinkedIn. Below are the specifics. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

What do you get by signing up with Job Change Alerts?

A daily email showing you the following:

  • Job changes in your LinkedIn network
  • Birthdays in your LinkedIn network
  • And new connections in your LinkedIn network.

Doesn’t LinkedIn already do this?

LinkedIn provides a weekly email on network changes. However, at SalesLoft, we know the value of being informed on a job change for sales reps which is why we built a free tool for anyone on LinkedIn. To get the most out of LinkedIn emails, read this piece about LinkedIn settings.

How To Join:

Head over to and click the big LinkedIn button. It’s simple, easy, and free.