With his campaign in full swing and His message spreading rapidly, Jesus wanted feedback from the audience He was serving. He gathered his disciples and conducted a kind of impromptu quantitative research study. Based on what the disciples were hearing on the streets, in the temple and even in the marketplace, He asked them, “Who do men say I am?”

Why would he ask such a question especially if he already knew the answer?

Feedback required.

He wanted feedback from the audience He was serving. Not so that He could make changes to His message but to see if He was connecting. He wanted to know if the crowds were really getting it. If they understood who He was and what He was really about.

The initial feedback was positive. They were connecting even if they didn’t have Him fully figured out. They knew He was someone special and approved of His work because they were benefiting from His message and His work.

That’s pretty good feedback from a general audience!

As a business owner, you want to check and see if you’re connecting. You want to make sure your brand’s identity is cohesive and you do that through research. You have to ask if you and your customer have the same view of your brand. Jesus didn’t have to modify His message, but you might have to in order for your brand to be received the way you intend.

Probe your target audience.

The response from the general audience was good but Jesus also wanted feedback from a different audience—a segmented market if you will. He poised the same question to those who worked closely with Him, who do you say I am?

This feedback is the feedback that mattered most. Because you want the ones working with you, the ones who will help push your vision and message—the ones pushing your product forward to get it. If the disciples had answered this incorrectly, had they not understood who He was, there would have been no one to move the vision…the message forward.

Your target audience will be your best evangelists if they believe in your message and product and you deliver every time.

If Jesus asked his audience, you might want to consider asking yours.

Ask so you’ll know if you’re connecting. Ask so you’ll know if your brand is being received as intended and most important, ask so you’re brand, product or service will last beyond your lifetime because of the evangelists who believe in it and gladly push it forward.