Timbaland watch insurance fraud

A missing watch insurance claim is leading the insurer of the musician to call it an attempted scam.

Timbaland’s insurer is currently working to shut down a claim that the rapper and record producer has made regarding a missing watch, stating that the filing is nothing more than a case of insurance fraud.

The musician is seeking a payout for a watch which was covered under his policy with the insurer.

However, that insurer said that the payout of $1.8 million that is being sought is being labeled as insurance fraud and they are attempting to stop the claim altogether. Timbaland originally filed a claim with the insurer – American Home Assurance Company (AHAC) – stating that the 30 carat Jacob & Co. watch was lost by his two year old daughter.

Since then, AHAC has labeled the claim as suspicious and believes it is a case of insurance fraud.

Legal documents from AHAC have suggested that the insurer believes that the musician is attempting to get away with insurance fraud. That company is alleging that Timbaland purchased insurance for the pricey timepiece for twice its actual worth. They have also stated that the stories that the rapper and his family members have provided have been conflicting. There is inconsistent information being provided about the events that actually led to the loss of the watch.

This isn’t the first time that the watch has drawn the attention of the media. Timbaland made headlines in 2010 when that same watch was reported missing – though at that time, he was not accused of insurance fraud. That time, when the musician learned that the timepiece had gone missing, he went for a drive to help himself to think, and didn’t receive any phone calls. This led a number of people to think that he may be considering suicide, though he denied those suspicions.

Following the insurance fraud accusation, it looks as though Timbaland will be required to go to court in order to battle for the payment that he believes that he is owed from his insurer for the watch that has yet again gone missing.