A Wish List, Boundaries, Energizer, LinkedIn, Normal, risk, Risk List, Risk Management, Wish, Wishing, Your Risk, Your Wish List, job search, career, raise, department, new job, risky businessLife can be full of risk.

Job search certainly feels like a risky time (emotionally, financially), doesn’t it?

So there is risk all around. #fiscalcliff

Why would you ever introduce more of it into your life?

Here’s why:

Done right, creating risk is exhilarating and motivating. Not stressful or harmful.

To the left is a post I put on Facebook today. And for me it is so true! What about you?

Are you energized by trying new things and stepping outside of your normal boundaries?

I’d like to encourage you to take some risks before the end of 2012. To help you create new momentum for 2013.


What kind of risks are we talking about?

I’m talking about “productive risk”. The kind that allows you to achieve important objectives by allowing your normal filtering process to let go for a day.

To do the things you know you should do. But aren’t ready to do for whatever reason.

This is different than a wish list. A wish list simply identifies the gaps between what you have and what you’d like to have in life. And once you’ve identified what’s on your wish list, you tuck it away for 12 months until you accidentally find it again.

And if you’ve never seen it before, here’s what Burgess Meredith said in the movie Grumpy Old Men about wishes. :-)

Wishing is longing at its worst. It is not satisfying and certainly not very actionable.

So how do we introduce some productive risk into our lives? Items that once completed will help you stand a little taller in life?

Here are examples of something you can add to your 2013 risk list:

1. Instead of wishing you made more money, ask for a raise. Here’s an article to help you ask for a raise.

2. Instead of wishing you worked somewhere else, apply to join a new department. Or begin a focused effort to begin looking for a new job.

3. Instead of wishing you were more connected at work (wasting away in your cubicle), ask a new person to lunch each week. Even if a few people turn you down, you are building important internal relationships.

4. Instead of wishing you didn’t have to sit through everyone’s boring Powerpoint presentations, stand up and offer to create one of your own. Even though you might be nervous about speaking, this can be a great career builder.

5. Instead of wishing for killer abs, go hire a personal trainer. You’ll get expert help that you need and an accountability partner at the same time.

6. Instead of wishing there was a networking group more specific to what you do in life, start one of your own. You can create a LinkedIn group or meetup.com group in minutes.

7. Instead of wishing you could meet that guy in accounting, go over and say hi. Just be careful with office romances.

8. Instead of wishing you had lots of positive LinkedIn recommendations (or a pile of the new endorsements), write a few thoughtful ones for others. You never know what value will come back your way when you stop being lazy on LinkedIn.

So there’s 8. Can you come up with #9 or #10?

What wish can you turn into a productive risk for your risk list?

Do tell.