I talk with a lot of folks about building their careers & business.

The folks are at all different levels.

But the biggest thing I hear is that they are not finding the success they want. The moment I start to delve deep, I find the same problem with all of them. They’re aren’t finding the success they want because they aren’t clear on their goals.


For those trying to build online businesses for example, they keep trying a new business model every month or every other week.

When you look back at you year, do you see a similar trend? Did you jump from one goal to the next?
One business to the next?

Were your activities all scattered toward different outcomes?

Trying many different things will lead you no where.

You have to be laser focused if you are serious about doing the impossible.

While I did do better last year, I wasn’t as laser focused as I ought to have been.

But 2016 is going to be different. I hope it becomes different for you too.

Don’t try things.

Do things.

Feel free to try different ways of doing things until you find what works.

Be laser focused on the desired outcome, and flexible about the approach

Be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your impossible.

So what if you have more than one outcome you want to achieve this year?

Here’s my advice:

  • List all the goals you’d like to achieve this year
  • Go through it and identify the top 4
  • Focus on accomplishing one of your top 4 every quarter
  • By the end of the year you would have accomplished 4 major goals

Imagine the power in that versus trying to accomplish everything all at once.
So here’s how it works for me:

The big goals I have this year include:

  • Raising one million dollars for charity
  • Getting at least 10,000 subscribers to my newsletter
  • Coaching 5 millionaire clients to accomplish the impossible
  • Travelling to 10 new countries

There are many other goals like starting pastoral ministry training, increasing my personal giving by 10% and personal savings by another 10%. But these are not goals that require any extra amount of work. I only need to enroll in Bible College and attend classes, and then make the necessary budgetary adjustments to increase my giving and savings.

So how do I plan to apply the laser focus approach?

1st Quarter – Get 10,000 subscribers to my email list

2nd Quarter – Get 5 Millionaire coaching clients

3rd quarter – Raise one million for charity

4th Quarter – Travel to 10 new countries

What might happen is that I’ll start accomplishing some of the 4th quarter goals of traveling, as early as the 1st quarter, but that will not be my focus.

So if you’re ready to achieve major goals this year…


Did I miss anything?

What goals will you target this year?

I’ll love to hear from you.