Reaching out to someone about a product demo is, in essence, a form of digital outreach. And as I participate in more and more demos, I’ve quickly realized that there’s a right way (and a very wrong way) to go about the process. A successful case study landed in my inbox last week. Shelly’s answer? Write about it!

If you’re in marketing (and other industries, too), you’re probably no stranger to demos. And if you’re like me, you’re always interested in testing out the latest, greatest Internet tool—but you’re probably short on time. That’s exactly what I loved about the message I received from Lior Degani, co-founder of Swayy. Here’s what he did right.

3 Steps To Successful Product Demo Outreach

Make It Personal

Sure, it takes more time to craft a personalized message when you’re introducing yourself and your product—but, in my opinion, it makes all the difference in the world. Lior did exactly that by opening his note about a recent V3 blog post and why he enjoyed it. I knew that he had, at the minimum, done a cursory check of our website before he contacted us. You’d be surprised at how many don’t—and that lack of effort shows.

Make It Brief

Offer a brief explanation of your product and why the person you’re contacting should check it out. Lior did exactly that, in about 4 sentences—and when I’m cruising through my email in pursuit of that elusive inbox zero, I appreciate the brevity.

Offer Access

Here’s the brilliant twist. I’m used to doing product demos or test runs over the phone. And while it’s a great way to get a closer look at a tool, coordinating schedules and carving out time to talk can get a little crazy. Lior’s solution? He proactively set up a personalized promotional code so that I can take Swayy for a test run at my leisure. Seriously? I love that!

A general tip? If you need something from someone, make it easy on them—and show them why you’re reaching out. Product demos, content sharing, blogger outreach—it all falls under the larger umbrella of thoughtful community building.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a tool to test. While I give Swayy a closer look, I’d love to know if you’ve had a great outreach experience. Feel free to give some props in the comments!

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