Tell your story well

A story that is burning inside you. A story that if you told it you knew it would help people. It could make their life better, job easier or help them sleep better at night.

What’s holds you back from sharing that message from the world?

I recently was talking to woman who had a powerful, moving story that I knew could help people (heck, she knew it too). She could share it beautifully one-on-one. The thought of taking that passion in front of a room of 20 (let’s not even talk about 50 or 100) was quite frankly terrifying.

She had the whole list of fears – fear of being vulnerable in front of people, fear of the nerves, fear people wouldn’t take her seriously, fear people would think her story was stupid and fear that’d she end up “living in a van down by the river.”

The biggest mistake anyone can make is not getting their message out into the world. Let’s speak your story to the world!

Step #1: Say this kick-ass mantra out-loud

Michelle Mazur's Speaking Mission Statement

Step #2: Yell ” Heck yeah! Let’s do that!”

Yell it. Shout it. Whether you are on in a car, drinking at a bar or opening a jar. You need to make the commitment to getting your story out to the world.

Step #3: Get crystal clear on the why

You know you have a story to tell, but you need to be 100% clear on why it needs to be told. Get out a piece of paper and write down why we need to hear your story. Write down “I believe my story is important because ______________.” Start filling in the blank. Write down every reason that pops into your head. Don’t censor yourself.

When you can’t think of a single reason more, read your list. Circle the 3 reasons that resonate the most with you. Write those on a piece of paper and tack it to your bathroom mirror, bulletin board or anywhere you will see it on a regular basis.

This way if any of those fear creep up – you know why you want to tell your story.

Step #4: Start writing & speak out

You are now committed. It is time to start writing your speech and telling your story. You can do this and more importantly we need to hear your message. Do not let that story buring inside you to remain there. You can make the world a bit better place through one compelling presentation at a time.

Need more help getting your message out? Email me today and schedule a free Ignite Your Speaking Spark Session to unleash your story from withing.