Producing content regularly can mean that there are days when no matter what you do your brain suffers from mental paralysis and you simply cannot get the words on the page. This is a common and in this post I want to share with you exactly how to get rid of writer’s block using one seemingly unprofessional technique.

Things were going well, the opening paragraph was done, the words and content were flowing freely, and I actually thought to myself that I would be finished in no time.

Then it happened – Bam.

And just Like Wile E. Coyote running around the corner head first into frying pan. I was out cold. Nothing, not even a single word I read and re read what I had already written and the more I did the worse it got. My mind was completely devoid of inspiration and creativity.

Writer’s block had well and truly kicked in! 

For the next few hours I just stared into the screen, my temper rose and productivity hit an all time low as I battled with how to get rid of writer’s block.

My Number 1 Tip on How to Get Rid of Writers Block

how to get rid of writers block

My advice is simply to turn your back on it and walk away. That might sound a little irresponsible and unprofessional in fact you may not think that is a solution at all but trust me it is and it works.

If you continue to sit there, staring at the same partially blank or even completely blank page, with the same keywords, phrases and anecdotes running through your head then the chances are you are not going to produce anything.

You will get more and more frustrated with yourself and you will resent the task that lies in front of you. The time allocated will start whizzing by and before you know it 2 hours have passed and you have nothing but a few lines of meaningless gobbledegook to show for it.

Seriously before you get to that stage I mean well before, perhaps the second time you start shouting profanities at yourself. (Or is that just something exclusive to me!?) STOP! Get up, turn your back on it and walk away.

Alternative Methods of How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block and Come up With Blog Ideas

  1. Carry a notepad or recording device with you to capture those moments of inspiration
  2. Devise a writing schedule and stick to it religiously
  3. Watch a film focusing your attention on something else can help
  4. Structure a list; everybody likes reading lists
  5. Speak to people – a conversation can go anywhere, shifting your focus and thought patterns

Actually go and do something that takes your mind of it all together, go for a run, phone a friend, go to the gym, break for diner early, whatever it is do something that has nothing whatsoever to do with the post you are trying to write.

For me I got up and walked to the library. Now you might think that is a strange choice. Library equals books which need writers who constantly deal with the problem of how to overcome writer’s block, which makes you think of your writer’s block.

Strangely I didn’t think about my problem once. I went to the library returned some books; paid a fine that certainly distracted me – why is it that when a book that I reserve is available for collection I get an email to let me know. When the books I have on loan need renewing nothing. Not a peep, they sit back quietly and let the fine register happily tick over.

Anyway I digress, I searched for some new books, and renewed some others and then I walked home revelling in the fresh air and the pantomime of shoppers rushing around to get all the gifts for Christmas.

By the time I got back my mind was totally clear and the post that I had scheduled to write I completed in less than twenty minutes, a further 5 minutes to promote the blog post and I was left feeling quite chuffed with myself and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to explain to you exactly how to get rid of writer’s block for when the dark shadow encompasses you in the future.

I am not by any means saying that you should walk away and forget about it completely. You have to go back and get it done. What I am saying is take a step back and search for inspiration in something else. That spark could ignite the fire inside you and show you exactly how to get rid of writer’s block.