Whether it’s a department-wide gift exchange, a present for your direct reports, or your boss — finding the perfect present for people you work with can often be the most challenging part of your shopping list. To help, we’ve put together a short gift guide.

Commuter Mug: We all have that co-worker that seemingly has a cup of coffee in their hands at all times — morning and afternoon. A commuter mug will keep their coffee warmer than a cardboard cup, and will save them a little money by helping them skip the daily coffee shop run.

A Small Plant: Between the fluorescent lighting and cubicles, many traditional offices have a less than desired aesthetic. Gifting your colleagues with a small plant for their desk brings a little bit of nature into a stark environment and can beautify their surroundings.

Page-A-Day Calendar: Do you work with someone who is vocal about their love for something like traveling, animals, comics or motivational quotes? Find a Page-A-Day calendar that relates to your coworker’s passion, and it’s the gift that just keep giving for 365 days a year!

Baked Goods: For the employee with the sweet tooth, homemade treats are always welcome. The time and effort that you put into making the treat will not be lost on the recipient. Share the recipe with them too so that if they like the treat, they can make it whenever they want. Short on time? We won’t tell if you order something sweet instead of making it yourself.

Premium Spotify or Pandora: Do you work with someone who always has their headphones in, or comes into the office on Monday morning talking about the concert they went to? Give them the gift of commercial-free music with a gift card for a month or two of a premium Spotify or Pandora account.

Blanket or Throw: Rarely is an office able to find a building temperature that everyone is satisfied with, meaning that someone is always left shivering. If you work with one of those people, a blanket is a nice gift that they can keep at their desk to keep them nice and cozy!

What’s the best office present that you have ever received?