Habits That Will Have You Working Less And Making More

Everybody wants to work less and yet make more, but how do you do that. Well, there are some habits when picked up that have been proven to work. Most people consider a habit as being bad; however, you can have both good and bad habits.

The key to working less and making more is to figure out what your bad habits are and reduce them, while at the same time increasing your good habits. For example, spending time on Facebook chatting with friends and updating your status would be considered a bad habit; however, writing a blog post or an email to your subscribers would be considered a good habit.

Everybody has different habits, it is how you manage those habits that will either help you succeed or make your fail. On that note, let’s talk about 5 habits that will have you working less and making more.

5 Habits That Work

Pack a Lunch

I know this sounds a little strange but it works. All you have to do is pack a lunch. Even if you work from home, packing a lunch and eating it at your desk will make it feel more like a work environment and because of that you get more done. Try it, I do it every once in a while and it really does work.

Get Dressed for Work

I doubt anybody goes to the extremely and works without any clothes on, however, dressing the part will give you more energy to get your work done. You don’t have to wear a suit or business attire, but it will help if you get out of your pajamas and actually dress like you are heading to “the office”.

Eliminate Distractions, Don’t Prevent Them

How many times have you told somebody not to call you or don’t ask to go and do something? A lot of my friends will call me in the middle of the day to see if I want to go and hang out. Instead of trying to prevent this from happening, shut off your phones and eliminate all distractions. Trying to prevent something from happening is only going to make things tougher.

Setup a Work Schedule

Working from home is sometimes difficult because you don’t have a set schedule that you are required to go by. This is part of the reason most people don’t get as much work done. If you want to get more done and work less, then simply creating a schedule and sticking to it will easily do that. Just make sure that you stick to the schedule you set, no matter what.

Do Tasks in Batches

If you are a blogger, then writing blog posts in batches will work better than writing one and moving onto a different task. If you are a link builder, then creating links in batches will work better than doing one and then moving onto something else as well. Just do yourself a favor and make sure everything you do is now in batches.

Well, there you go. Try all 5 of these habits and stick with them; you will be glad that you did.