Making smart use of your business software plays a major role in your ability to achieve your goals – the right intelligence in the right place at the right time with minimal cost. To ensure that you’re continually well supported, it’s important to remember that changes in your business should also lead to changes in your software.

Benefit from genuine expertise

Having experts from your software provider over the floor gives you the opportunity to look at ongoing processes with new eyes. Their knowledge of your software systems and knowledge of what other companies have done to update and improve their processes can be a powerful combination. Their insight can ensure that the software supports you in the best possible way, rather than being a limiting factor. They can help align your processes with the system, not only from the perspective of understanding its full potential, but in terms of offering ideas as to how things can be adapted or changed to align with recognized good practice. Their presence can drive cost efficiencies and process refinement with genuine impact on the top line – over the short, medium and longer term.

Tailor made
Customer satisfaction is genuinely important to software vendors, particularly in these times. In most cases, your wishes, concerns and budget can be taken carefully into account when making a made to measure package. Although consultancy forms an important part of most software company business models, the provider benefits from a customer that experiences real value from their product and will likely remain a loyal user. As such, the opportunity to come in and help a company to improve performance is way more than a simple exercise in generating revenue. It’s about strengthening a relationship that the vendor hopes will mature over the long term. As such, fees will need to be at a level that works for the customer.

The investigation can range from a broad reaching review to a quick look over the most likely areas for improvement. It can be lengthy process or a quick check up. You as customer can decide. With a provider’s experience of carrying out similar reviews elsewhere, it doesn’t have to involve a lot of time and expense to uncover changes that can make a difference. Thanks to their combination of business knowledge and software understanding, they can quickly identify ways to get a greater return on the investment, adjust daily processes for increases in efficiency and interaction, and align the software structure with the corporate strategy.

Get a practical report that you can implement immediately
Once your vendor has a clear scope and set of expectations for what the review process should achieve, they’ll begin by obtaining an overview of how the entire system is currently operational. They’ll also look to sit down with your management to create clear understanding of the business strategy, and spend time with the employees responsible for conducting, managing and maintaining the processes used to achieve those goals.

As a result of these discussions, the consultancy team should be able to create a clear overview of processes that can be adjusted or established to improve flow, in addition to being within the bounds of what the ERP system can support. This will be followed by a clear step by step action plan to implement the proposed adaptations and ensure that the software system is fully aligned to deliver the projected benefits. A typical review summary will include the specific departments and roles that will be benefit from the changes, together the details of what will be required in terms of training and adjustments to peoples work routines.

Laying out the findings in such a clear manner makes it easier for managers to take ownership and begin benefitting from the issues that have been identified and addressed. An effective action list becomes a reference point, assisting with creating the planning and then overcoming any challenges encountered along the way. In short, such a review, with concrete recommendations for follow up, can offer your ERP a new lease of life.