I believe doers — do, and complainers — complain. It should be an easy choice at which of the two are more conducive to starting a viable business. Shed the complainers and find the people that do. Seek out people who are interested in being successful and maybe with a lot of hard work and a lot of luck (that you create) some of that will rub off on you.

I travel a lot for work. Well, that’s only half true — I travel to the same cities a lot for my business. In every one of the cities I travel to I sought out people who are successful and are interested in making things happen. They may not all be WordPress Developers, but they all are interested in making something better. Find the people that do and let them introduce you to more doers in that city. Soon enough, you will have a great network of compadres from city to city.

Where do you find the people that do

Good question. I’m not sure I have the right answer for you, but this is what I did. Ask your home network first. Who does your trusted people recommend you meet. (And when I say meet, I’m not talking about selling to, getting leads from etc. I’m talking about meeting people to make relationships.)

Are there any co-working spaces you can go and work from? I’m a big fan of collaboration and co-working. I’m writing this post at New Work City in Manhattan, a co-working space that was recommended to me from Chris Conrey, who I trust. He said his friend Tony runs a place similar to Gangplank, next thing I know I’m talking to Tony on Twitter and using their spot as my NYC shop. A shop full of people doing things. Great things.

You can ask people on Twitter or any other social network. They’ll know where like-minded people congregate. Getting the recommendation is only half of it — show up and give their suggestions a try.

Meet up with people you already know from your city that have moved to other places. Just because they relocate doesn’t they fall out of your network. This all seems very common sense, but I guess it’s not.

Get out of your comfort zone of working solo and find some people who are as interested in getting things done as you are. Success awaits.