Connecting with Influential PeopleThis topic has some real interest for me. Connecting with the best people should be a goal of every marketer. If you can find the real influential people in your industry, your profession or outside of your industry, you really begin to tap into an area that only a few people are really good at.

Many social media articles I read tell people to make sure they know where their clients are on social media sites and spend your time and resources there trying to communicate with them. I think this is a very narrow view. Some of the best contacts I have made on Twitter or GooglePlus were a result of taking time to read someone’s profile and checking out their site.

In addition, Linkedin has been a great place to find people of influence. Most people are willing to connect with you if you show them that someday down the road you might be able to give them advice or conduct business with them. Also, by regularly sending updates each day on Linkedin, you stay on their radar and they learn more about you and what you stand for.

To gain influence, you have to be willing to give a bit of influence to others. I really think the best approach to this is by updating a blog site and sending out a link to others. It is the reason for this site. I like to share what I have learned and most of my learning has come as a result of connecting and learning from others.

Influential people know how to do the following:

  • They are leaders in their company/industry/profession.
  • They communicate and share ideas with others
  • They are not caught up with constant collaboration.
  • They are about sharing and connecting.
  • They are selective with who they connect with.
  • They recommend people similar to themselves.

Make it a goal to connect with some influential people and keep your connections and communications at a higher level so you can build good relationships that ultimately pay dividends for you in the future.

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