The holiday shopping season is in full swing. If it were a horse race, we’d be going down the back straightaway about to make the turn into the homestretch. With only twelve days left in the holiday shopping season, we’ve got some last-minute tips for e-commerce companies looking to get a final boost and finish the shopping season strong.

Last minute Holiday sales1. Check your data

If you’re like the rest of the e-commerce world, the holiday season is too important not to know what is going on with your online store and your business. Checking your data will let you know if your holiday plan is working. If for some reason it’s not, your data should be able to give you a good reason as to why and you should be able to make some changes to your strategy.

2. Boost your social

The beauty of social media is that it delivers immediate results. And advertising on social is usually much less expensive than other more traditional methods and can reach an enormous and well-qualified audience. Beyond advertising, also consider putting together a coupon that’s exclusively available on your social sites or some sort of contest for those who follow you on social. Both are a great ways to gain exposure to a new audience and have the ability to drive sales both immediately and in the long term. And don’t forget to include a sharing feature on your pages. When customers find great deals, they love to share them with their friends.

3. Personalize your offers

With some e-commerce stores fighting for sales, how does one site separate itself and stand out. Providing your customers with a personalized shopping experience that recognizes their preferences and delivers them directly to what they are looking for. Remember all of the data you have on your previous customers? Use it to your advantage! Display the appropriate cross-sells and up-sell opportunities or other product recommendations and design any of your email outreach with all of this data as well.

4. Get Creative

There’s no better way to have your business stand out then to come up with a new concept completely different than what you’ve done before. Think about what you look for as a consumer and try crafting some ideas that you would like. This goes across all of your marketing platforms. We’ve seen some sites create their own limited-time holiday deal day. These sorts of deals put a sense of urgency in shoppers when they see that it’s only on for a certain amount of time and can provide immediate returns. Another good way to draw in more sales is to offer a portion of your sales to charity. This is a season of giving and people love to contribute to those who try to help others.

5. Increase your PPC

With so few days left in the shopping season, you really do not have time for a full-fledged SEO campaign. But PPC campaigns bring in immediate results. Most sites seem to think throwing up offers on their websites will bring in traffic. Take some time to look what keywords are trending on Google Trends. Make sure to pay special attention to holiday related terms like “Christmas gifts,” “gift ideas,” “presents,” etc. Having a high-ranking site for these terms can bring in the traffic to carry you through the end of the season.

Once you have your final countdown plan in place, make sure to follow through. If you run contests on social, make sure to promote who the winners are and ask for feedback from all of those who purchase from you. As I stated in a previous blog, customer feedback is a great way to drive sales both during the holidays and going forward.

Do you have any other ideas for last-minute holiday marketing? Let us know in the comments section below!