It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur, and according to a new poll, small business owners think that it’s becoming even more difficult to manage and run a thriving company. While more owners find that they are unable to keep up and continue to struggle to get everything done, they may gradually ask assistance from an outsourcing company.

Business owners have difficult times
According to a new poll from Constant Contact; entrepreneurs claim the complexities that come with running a business are on the rise. The survey revealed that 59 percent of small business owners think it is more difficult to manage and run a company today than it was five years ago. This result indicates that entrepreneurs face even more challenges and struggle in the current setting.

The surveyed entrepreneurs cited several challenges that make it harder to own a business. Somewhat predictably, 55 percent stated the economy was one of the important factors with regard to organizational risks. Many of them fear a double-dip recession, which could persist to contribute to revenue crashes and narrow growth possibilities considering that financial markets and the job outlook has just begun to become steady. On the other hand, 49 percent claimed that the swift rate of advancements in technology also made it harder for them to keep up with the most up-to-date tools. This could have an impact on operational efficiency, particularly if small business owners lack the technology needed to accelerate processes or rationalize duties. Forty percent of respondents said more competitions also made it more difficult to own a business nowadays.

Complexities can be eased
While running a business is always a difficult endeavor, the many struggles entrepreneurs face can be lessened when they turn to a BPO company that can take on prolonged tasks. A company leader may not be able to afford to hire new employees who can take on customer services responsibilities or bookkeeping and accounting duties, which makes it more cost effective for them to depend on an external company. This allows businesses to save money, even when the financial system is at its worst, and still provide outstanding service to clients.

Entrepreneurs do not even need to consider technological innovations when they rely on outside teams for specific business procedures. Company owners who are unsure of the latest IT solutions or accounting software they should employ can simply outsource these duties and let the service provider break through. This guarantees a management team isn’t required to research or invest in the latest technological updates and can save their bottom line.