Despite his fame and long-term success, Ozzy Osbourne is hardly a candidate for a role model entrepreneurial inspiration from Ozzy Osbourneof any kind. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of his music like I am, you can still admire his body of work, which is even more remarkable given his struggles with addiction and surrounding controversies. He arguably shaped modern heavy metal music with the band Black Sabbath (whose latest album, “13″, just landed at #1 in the US and UK a full 43 years after their last chart-topping album in 1970), and also had a successful solo career that later catapulted him into reality TV stardom, among other things.

But all of that is beside the point. I thought fans of Ozzy Osbourne’s might find it interesting that among his many songs written over his long career, there are more than a few whose titles seem to speak directly to the challenges and excitement of entrepreneurship.

Without further ado, here are some of them, complete with links to YouTube videos (when available):

Killers of Giants

Many entrepreneurs get their idea for the “killer” app by seeing the opportunity in markets dominated by lumbering, inept incumbents whose innovation and customer-centricity have been lost to monopolistic profit making. These young start-ups are truly the Killers of Giants in the world today.


To bring about their audacious vision, to have enough conviction and commitment to follow the difficult, self-sacrificing path of entrepreneurship, founders have to be Dreamers who see the world in different lens from those of us who dare not make the leap.

Life Won’t Wait

Entrepreneurs pour their hearts and soul into the ventures. To people on the outside, they may seem impatient and short on time, because to them, Life Won’t Wait for them to realize their vision. They might also be considered self-centered and headstrong because of their overwhelming passion for doing what they do. Even though they are incredibly generous and fair, “I want it more” is a refrain that they want to hear from their partners, employees, and themselves. It captures perfectly their incredible drive to succeed.

I Don’t Wanna Stop

Growing a start-up is not just smooth sailing. There are always speed bumps and treacherous twists and turns. Many start-ups never grow past the adolescence stage, and many entrepreneurs find themselves empty handed after a long, hard ride. But more likely than not they will pick it up again, saying I Don’t Wanna Stop, and give it another try with the same zeal and optimism as before.

Flying High Again

And soon, they will be Flying High Again – wowing the world with their visions and their passion, and shooting for another chance at incredible success.

Are there any songs (Ozzy’s or otherwise) that inspire and remind you of the entrepreneur’s drive and journey?