AMrambling-brainHow often have you found yourself skimming through your Facebook feed or drifting off to thoughts of the upcoming weekend when you should be working? There are countless distractions that make it difficult to set priorities for the week whether you work in an office or from home. Having an organized schedule and taking mental breaks can be easy and beneficial now that we have creative websites designed solely for these situations. Here are my top 3 that get me back on track on the productivity scale.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a great FREE tool to stay organized by allowing you to create, edit, and check off your to-do list online and off. Normally I would resort to my planner, post-it’s covering my monitor or the occasional chicken scratch I would jot down on my hand for daily reminders. Now I am saving paper, ink and my sanity. Remember the Milk not only helps with weekly checklists but also stores my reoccurring tasks/meetings, so I won’t forget and constantly create repetitive lists. The design, while bare, is simple and seamless with a variety of keyboard shortcuts.


Unroll Me

Unroll me is an easy app that has reduced the countless hours I would spend checking my email in the morning. It removes the clutter from your inbox and consolidates all of your daily subscriptions. Once you sign up, every email or newsletter you are subscribed to is listed for you to either unsubscribe from or add to your rollup. From then on everyday you receive only ONE email that rolls all of your promotions and subscriptions into one message. This way you can skim through them instead of wasting time examining one by one.



Lumosity is a beneficial program you should consider using over playing addictive games like Candy Crush. When I get “that 2:30 feeling” and need to stimulate my brain, this is my go to. It’s challenging and helps you set up a personalized training program to keep your memory and mind sharp. Although it is a game, I don’t necessarily feel bad playing sometimes during work hours considering it is “training” my brain. There are five key areas you can focus on: memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving. You can also choose any game you want and not be limited to your customized program.


With all of that being said, go illuminate the possibilities, roll up your emails, and above all, don’t forget the milk!