Let me be blunt: if you are trying to do it all, you need to grow up. Sure, you are smart, capable and innovative. So what? You still can’t do everything you need to do to get everything done that needs to be. In those rare instances in which you do accomplish “everything” … you didn’t do it well enough.

Unfair? No. Just being real. Here’s the thing. You might do an adequate job trying to do everything, but if you have the right people working with you on the project, they will be able to focus on that single task and … spoiler alert … they will do a better job than you would trying to balance ten different things with umpteen individual and collective deadlines.

The sooner you realize this and begin to delegate, the more successful you will be. Just be sure to look before you leap.

Not all delegation is created equal. Delegation is about more than just passing out assignments. A good manager understands which tasks and responsibilities should be given to which individuals on their team. Assign the wrong thing to the wrong person and you will be back to wondering if you maybe could have done a better job after all. Of course, assign the right job to the right person, and you will know for certain you could not have done it any better.

Better still, when you delegate properly, and each person on your team succeeds, you will raise the confidence level and morale of the entire team. They will learn to trust each other – and your judgment – simply because you gave the right job to the right person.

In any kind of competitive setting – and, believe me, work qualifies as competitive – trust is the most valuable asset. Resources may fluctuate, but, when people trust each other (and you) they will, individually and collectively, achieve things they otherwise could not, even with more time, talent and resources at their disposal.

Bottom line, better delegation gets better results. The sooner you learn this, the more productive you will be in your career.