Boy do I love breakfast. On Saturday mornings I like to wake up and make breakfast for everyone even though I don’t particularly know how to cook. But it’s fun to get all sorts of stuff together, most of it fried, and chow down to start the weekend off right. Of course we have to make sure to move around after to burn it off, but it’s worth the exercise.

Lonchas de bacon sobre fondo blancoMy latest meal got me thinking: these different ingredients to a delicious breakfast correlate to a successful and healthy interest online from your fans and customers. Inspiration is all around us when it comes to PR, and breakfast is no different!


Ah, the sweet meat of every situation. The Internet absolutely loves the stuff, and with good reason. It’s greasy, it’s salty, it goes well with many different foods…it’s a pretty wondrous foodstuff. If you serve up bacon there’s a fairly high chance your diners will be satisfied.

Some things you share online you take risks with, and others you don’t. These safe bets, like pictures with cats or coupons your customers can use, are just like bacon – there’s very little chance people will say no. Anyone who visits your site, Facebook page, or what have you will walk away satisfied.

Eggy in a Basket

Whoa, what is this contraption? The name is confusing and I’m having trouble understanding what I’m looking at. Why is the egg in the middle of the bread? Why does it have a little hat? I guess I better try it to see if I have found a brand new favorite item or hate it entirely.

While eggs cooked in the middle of a piece of bread isn’t exactly mind-bending, it’s still a new way to present breakfast. The same goes for your campaign – whether or not people particularly like your digital “eggy in a basket” they’ll at least talk about it. And that’s the benefit of having something new and exciting: it’s not safe, meaning people will be forced to make a decision about it. Some will hate it, but others will love it.


I know this isn’t part of breakfast everywhere, but it is in our house! Grits are really only as good as you make them, and many just don’t understand what grits are even for. But if you really want something to stick to your ribs, grits are the way to go.

Your campaign needs its own grits, something that will stick to your fans’ ribs. This is something truly memorable, a part of your campaign that stands out and makes people remember. The next time they think of the industry you work in, they should remember your company. If not, you don’t have any grits!


Everyone loves coffee…well, maybe not the taste, but at least the smell. Even a faint whiff is enough for people to pick their heads up, open their eyes, and go take on the world. You could say this is their brain’s “call to action.”

Your campaign needs something like this to inspire people to take action. It could be to like your Facebook page, or subscribe to an email list, or any number of things, but they need to “do” something to keep the interest going. If not, they could lose interest and all your work will be for nothing. Give them some digital caffeine!

What other breakfast items relate to PR campaigns?