There’s a lot more to designing a retail store layout than figuring out where everything will fit best. Although space should be a major factor in the decision-making process, retailers and wholesale distributors should also keep these tips in mind:

Head to the right.

A number of different studies have shown that although customers look to the left first, they prefer heading to the right of the store and then working their way through to the other side. Give customers what they subconsciously want by making the right side of the store more appealing than the left. Many grocers choose to put the bakery or floral department to the right to draw in customers with a sweet tooth or those who are attracted to bright colors.

Create breaks.

Many retailers feature long, straight aisles with product lining the shelves on both sides. Although this is a great way to fit in a ton of products in a small space, this could bore customers. Some customers may choose to turn around halfway down the aisle and head back to where they started. When this happens, they miss out on the products that have been merchandised furthest from them. To avoid this issue, wholesale distributors should work on creating breaks within the long aisles with eye-catching displays and signage. Visually, this makes the aisle seem shorter and increases the likelihood that the customer will make it all the way down.

Space it out.

Customers crave personal space, even when they’re shopping. In fact, research shows that customers do not want to shop in aisles or areas where they will brush up against another customer who is browsing the shelves. To keep customers happy, make sure that there’s enough space between displays, especially in aisles. Multiple customers should be able to walk through comfortably without having to rub against someone moving in the opposite direction.

Power walls.

The walls that are located in the front of the store off to the right are known as power walls because they naturally attract the customer’s attention when they enter the store. This area is incredibly important to retailers since it can entice a customer to start shopping, so have wholesale distributors merchandise it well. Use eye-catching displays that feature new or seasonal items, or advertise a storewide promo with brightly colored signage.

Clear the decompression zone.

The first five to fifteen feet of the entrance of your store is known as the decompression zone. As customers walk in, they have to adjust to the atmosphere of your store, and mentally give themselves this five to fifteen feet to do so. Many retailers make the mistake of using this space to showcase special deals and discounts when they should actually be keeping this area clear. When this space is empty, customers get the time that they need to adjust to the environment and figure out where they’re going without feeling overwhelmed with merchandise.

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